Vinyl flooring in the North West

Vinyl has become popular in people’s homes again. As a floor covering, it’s been reinvented in recent years, and many new designs and high quality options are available. It’s versatile, cheap and a fantastic option for rental properties, or even for a room in your home. If you haven’t considered vinyl before, ask one of our team in St Helens about how we can make it work for you.

Vinyl fitting

Vinyl fitting can be a tricky thing to do. Cutting, placement and finishing must be perfectly done to create a smooth surface and flooring that will last for years.

Huge range of vinyl

We are very proud of our huge range of vinyl flooring, we have something for every house and every room.  Why not call into our showroom and see for yourself.  Biggest range in the North West

Value for Vinyl!

Most competitive carpet and fitting prices in the North West! We have a huge selection of vinyl flooring all at reduced prices, why pay more?